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Known for her captivating smooth voice, Susie Kimber is a singer-songwriter from Dorset. Her music captures the very essence of heartbreak emotion, with raw, honest lyrics that sit between a classic-pop driven production.


Susie is inspired by her own personal experiences and of those around her, and creates songs that every listener can relate to.

Susie has performed nationally, starting in 2019 with Swanage Jazz Festival, and frequents music venues across the UK supporting and headlining shows, her most recent being the Lighthouse in Poole.

After her critically acclaimed debut single 'Don't Wait' released in 2021, Susie received national coverage through online media and radio, showcasing on BBC and the local news outlets.


Susie's latest release, 'Letting You Go' tells a story of moving on from a relationship, and the realisation that it is time to start a new chapter.


With strong percussive elements coming in from verse 2, 'Letting You Go' transcends into an anthemic ballad, with rich and powerful vocal melodies hooking the listener in on every word.

"So simple...yet so powerful" 

VIBE 107.6FM

"Just Gorgeous" 

BBC Radio

Susie Kimber EPK

Susie Kimber EPK

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